Report "Stronger partnerships and local innovations: tackling new climate realities in cities"

Stronger partnerships and local innovations

Local governments and organized community groups are key actors for effective and sustainable interventions to reduce risks and build resilience in cities. Meanwhile, local civil society and the private sector are also relevant stakeholders and bridge builders, helping to enhance capacities and ensure successful collaboration. Incremental climate adaptation solutions that bring together and draw on the complementary strengths of local governments and communities have a critical role to play.

This report highlights key lessons learned from the implementation of projects in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kenya, Liberia, Somalia and Uganda. It also presents recommendations in support of community-driven climate action in urban areas through citywide infrastructure, policy changes at the municipal and national levels, inclusive development and increased climate adaptation funding.

Thematic Session at the Development and Climate Days 2021

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Drawing upon the experiences of four local NGOs working to improve the climate resilience of vulnerable communities, this conversation focused on new climate adaptation approaches built upon Public Community Partnerships and with the potential to catalyse transformational change in cities.

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Country-based resources:


Bangladesh: Climate Resilience Plans Development with Digital Maps in Bangladesh


Profile   | Climate resilience plans development with digital maps in Bay of Bengal's cities

Reports | Final Report (June 2021)

               Project Update (December 2020)

Video    | Badabon Sangho at the CBA15 Marketplace


Kenya: Sparking Dialogue to Create Climate Resilient Livelihoods


Profile   | Future Yetu

Reports | Final Report (June 2021)

               Project Update (December 2020)

Blog | Building Climate Resilience in the Slums Through Storytelling

Podcast |



Video | 

Launch of Korogocho Climate Change and Adaptation Manifesto

Myanmar: Community Approaches to Tackle Extreme Heat


Profile | Community-led heat mitigation

Somalia: Supporting Vulnerable Communities to Adapt to Climate Shocks


Profile | Building and Strengthening Community Capacities in Inclusive Community Based Disaster Risk Management to increase resilience to Climate Change induced shocks in Marka district, Lower Shabelle region,Somalia

Report | Final report (June 2021)

              Project Update (As of December 2020)

Uganda: Improving Waste Management for Flood Control


Profile | Waste management for flood control in Bwaise

Report | Final report (June 2021)

              Project Update (As of December 2020)

Story | Tackling Climate Change in Kampala's Informal Settlements

Video | Short animation produced by TAU to sensitize communities about the consequences of poor waste management:


Additional resources

Community of Practice (CoP)


Peer Learning | Session 1: Getting to know each other

Peer Learning | Session 2 and 3: Sharing knowledge on local climate change adaptation

Detailed requirements for the Call for Proposals 2020:

Guidelines | Call for Proposals 2020

 Harnessing knowledge and diversity from within local communities and matching with the legal mandates of local governments enables the creation of interventions more aligned with experienced realities and the identification of new approaches.

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