MEL System

In addition to the core indicators reported in the scorecard, each Cities Alliance programme designs and implements a customised Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework which includes quantitative and qualitative indicators. This ensures accurate and specific reporting on programme results and the MEL frameworks incorporate a learning function (including participatory monitoring and the collection and use of stakeholder feedback), to improve programmatic knowledge sharing, organisational learning, decision making and ultimately performance.

Independent Evaluation

The Cities Alliance periodically undertakes independent evaluation of its performance by an independent third party. The purpose of these evaluations is to: (a) assess Alliance performance in achieving its objectives and desired results and provide guidance on how to improve this performance; (b) assess the extent to which the Cities Alliance’s objectives, strategy and programme design remain relevant to the urban development agenda; and (c) to ensure we listen to the feedback from our stakeholders and participants and capture learning to improve our programming. Independent Evaluations are conducted in accordance with the evaluation policy and are consistent with the Cities Alliance approach to local ownership through respectful engagement with all partners, including local beneficiaries and stakeholders.