An independent Programme Evaluation of the Gates Foundation funded Cities Alliance Country Programmes, 2017

This Programme Evaluation of Cities Alliance Country Programmes in Ghana, Uganda and Vietnam was completed in February 2017

This independent multi-country evaluation examined the design and performance of the first set of Cities Alliance Country Programmes in Ghana, Uganda and Vietnam.

Cities Alliance was acknowledged by the evaluation as having played a prominent role in encouraging a bottom-up approach to urban development, with its participatory approach helping enable grassroots community organisations to collaborate with national governments and international donors, empowering communities, and providing them with a voice in the urban agenda.

The evaluation  concluded that the Cities Alliance Country Programmes responded to country priorities and demands; achieved their objectives to improve active citizenship, access to services and develop national and local policy; enabled participatory ways of working through mechanisms and forums; provided programme management support; and in some cases, linked countries and projects with international funding to continue.

The evaluation recommended a series of actions to build upon Cities Alliance’s catalytic role in the countries.

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