Sustainable Development Goals


During the transition from the MDGs to the SDGs, Cities Alliance was part of the successful global advocacy movement to include a stand alone goal for cities (Goal 11) in the 2030 Agenda. The campaign also called for the urban dimension to be anchored as a cross-cutting issue in other goals, such as poverty eradication, gender equality and women’s empowerment, reducing inequality, climate action, and promoting equitable economic growth.

Read more about how Cities Alliance contributes to the implementation of the SDGs through its Global and Country Programmes here.

Cities Alliance and the SDGs

The Cities Alliance Results Framework measures our direct contribution to the SDGs through Result Framework indicators:

1. Urban poverty gap at national poverty lines (%) (SDG indicator 1.1.1)

2. Proportion of total adult population with secure tenure rights to land (SDG indicator 1.4.2)

3. Proportion of seats held by women in (a) national parliaments and (b) local governments (SDG indicator 5.5.1)

4. Proportion of population in slum and/or low-income areas with regular access to safely managed drinking water services (SDG 6.1.1)

5. Proportion of urban population living in slums, informal settlements or inadequate housing (SDG indicator 11.1.1)

6. Average ratings on participatory planning process in place (budgetary or other) (SDG 16.7.2)