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Cities in the Horn of Africa are making remarkable strides to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees, fostering social cohesion among both newcomers and resident communities. A recent peer-learning exchange, organised by Cities Alliance in Lodwar, Kenya, explored this very topic.

The event took place within the framework of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF): Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility – Regional Network and Dialogue Action, a project implemented by Cities Alliance, funded by the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa. 

It brought together local authorities, civil society, and partners from seven cities in the region to discuss sustainable integration strategies, local interventions, and urban refugee policies.

By successfully managing the population increase resulting from refugees, these municipalities are not only addressing demographic growth and rapid urbanisation but also laying the foundation for inclusive and resilient communities.

This report from the event highlights the project's initial achievements, showcases examples of migrant integration efforts in partner cities, and delves into technical sessions on fostering social cohesion through ecosystem mapping.

It also features an insightful paper by Dr Binyamin Bogale of Jigjiga University (Ethiopia), winner of the programme's call for papers, which identifies and disseminates best practices in managing migration and refugee challenges at the local level in the Eastern Desert Route of Ethiopia.