The Cities Alliance implements a performance monitoring system to measure the results of its activities and capture their impact in a systematic way. 

At the heart of the system is a Results Framework, which allows the Cities Alliance to measure its internal efficiency and clearly show members and donors the value of their investment in the partnership.

It also includes performance indicators to help measure and document progress across the various tiers of results, with baselines, milestones and targets.

All data collected through the implementation of the framework will be made publicly available in compliance with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). It forms the basis for the Cities Alliance corporate scorecard, which provides a snapshot of the partnership’s overall performance.

Results Chain 

The Results Chain (below) shows how each step builds towards achieving cities with improved quality of life and better opportunities for all, especially the urban poor. It lays out the different levels of results expected by the partnership so that all parties – Cities Alliance Secretariat, its members, and cities – can be held accountable. 

The chain outlines the products and services that the Cities Alliance Secretariat will deliver (the Outputs); their effect on our client, or Cities Alliance member (the Intermediate Outcome); the effect on cities (Outcome); and, finally, the overall development impact at the global level. Across these four tiers, the framework includes 47 SMART indicators with definitions and data sources.

Results Chain