Cities Alliance Corporate Performance 2023
Corporate Scorecard 2023
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The 2023 Corporate Scorecard, provides an overview of Cities Alliance's performance in 2023 and at the midpoint of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. Annual scorecards are the organisation’s main tool for managing results, assessing achievement of development objectives, and ensuring operational efficiency.

The Scorecard includes key performance indicators to track and record progress across four different result tiers.Results are reported against the revised Corporate Results Framework, which was developed to manage and monitor the implementation of the 2022‐2025 Strategic Plan.

At the midpoint of the strategy, and considering aggregated results from 2022 and 2023, 70% of the total Programme Result indicators appear to be on track for delivery in the remaining two years of the strategic period. In 2023, five of the nine indicators with 2025 targets have reached at least 75% of the strategic target, and the funds leveraged for cities reached 171% - with a total of over USD $34 million raised.

Key Results at the mid-point of the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan included:

  • 15 local strategies/plans developed
  • 589,534 direct beneficiaries of Cities Alliance services
  • Over USD $34 million funds leveraged for investments in cities
  • 26 slum dweller federations/organisations of the urban poor strengthened
  • 28 participation mechanisms to engage citizens in city governance established

Highlight results for 2023 itself included:

  • 70 urban institutions (including 19 slum dweller federations) were engaged in capacity strengthening partnerships by Cities Alliance across 24 countries
  • 14,544 individuals participated in capacity strengthening initiatives in 2023, through training, workshops and exchange events
  • 33,584 individuals directly benefited from Cities Alliance services in 2023
  • Over USD $12 million in funding for cities was leveraged, including follow up and parallel investments for Haiti, Nepal and the MENA region


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