Cities Alliance and NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management, co-organize the session 'New Land for Migrants - Planning for Growth on the Urban Periphery', at the upcoming WUF11 in Katowice.

This event supports SDGs localization and the implementation of the New Urban Agenda by showcasing an effective, tested and efficient method for creating more inclusive and orderly cities. It spotlights migrant and refugee issues in the planning of urban settlements in secondary cities in rapidly urbanizing countries.

The session will discuss the needs of informal and peripheral settlers in those areas since they belong to one of the fastest-growing groups.

The speakers will elaborate on the empowerment of local governments on how to undertake basic planning activities using local resources and knowledge, the role of urban expansion planning in promoting compact and sustainable development and how to connect practitioners and city leaders interested in supporting their urban peripheries with new projects.

Urbanization in the 21st century is a developing-country phenomenon and one that is largely driven by rural to urban migration to secondary cities. New data estimates that 40% of total urban population growth in Sub-Saharan Africa comes from rural-urban migrants, but these new residents are often neglected.

This event will share the experiences of cities in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Somaliland that are using urban planning to prepare for these newcomers and make room for alternative urban natives. 

Moderator: Juan Nicolas Galarza, Deputy Minister of Environment, Colombia

Opening:  Maria Monica Salazar Tamayo, NYU Marron Institute


  • Patrick Lamson-Hall, NYU Marron Institute
  • Eunice Muyama, Urban planner, City of Mbale, Uganda
  • Tsigereda Tafesse, Urban specialist, Cities Alliance Ethiopia

  • Julian Baskin, Principal Urban Advisor, Cities Alliance

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Katowice - WUF11 Voices of Cities, Room A