A two-week exhibition at the Institut Français in Tunis, exploring Cities Alliance's work that shows how cities look like once women's voices become an integral part of urban decision-making.

The interactive exhibition Quand Les Femmes Transforment Les Villes emphasizes the vital role of women in the development of Tunisian cities.

The event will present the results of Cities Alliance's projects on women empowerment in Tunisia, including the Femmedina Programme in Tunis, and the collaboration with Aswat Nissa on gender-sensitive budgeting in the cities of Beja and Medenine.

Through photos, videos and texts, the exhibition showcases how cities become more inclusive, attractive and empowering for women once they become part of urban development processes.

Visitors are also invited to share their experiences of urban life in Tunisia.

The exposition will be launched on 1 June (vernissage upon invitation only) and will be open to visitors from 2 to 14 June 2022.

Opening 1 June, 18:00-20:00 (admission: 17:30)

  • Hubert Tardy-Joubrt, Conseiller de Coopération et d'Action Culturelle et Directeur de l'Institut Français de Tunisie
  • Giulia Maci, Cities Alliance, Lead of Cities for Women Programme
  • Dalenda Larguèche, Professor of History and Gender Studies at the University of Manouba and former Director General at the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research CAWTR 


Quand les femmes transforment les villes - Exposition
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Institut Français, 20-22 Av. de Paris, Tunis