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Bangladesh: Climate Resilience Plans Development with Digital Maps in Bangladesh


Profile | Climate resilience plans development with digital maps in Bay of Bengal's cities

Report | Project Update (As of December 2020)


Kenya: Sparking Dialogue to Create Climate Resilient Livelihoods


Profile | Future Yetu

Report | Project Update (As of December 2020)

Podcast |



Video | 

Launch of Korogocho Climate Change and Adaptation Manifesto

Launch of Korogocho Climate Change and Adaptation Manifesto

Future Yetu, a collaboration between the Korogocho Community, Hope Raisers Initiative, Nairobi Metropolitan Environment Department and Nairobi Safer City Initiative, will organize a virtual launch of the Korogocho Community Climate Change and Adaptation Manifesto. The Manifesto will be launched to the public and later officially be handed over to the City County of Nairobi. It is our wish that this Manifesto is rolled out on a citywide level and that the Nairobi County can consider identified risks and proposed actions in the Nairobi Climate Adaptation Plan. Read more about the project here:

Posted by Hope Raisers Initiative on Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Myanmar: Community Approaches to Tackle Extreme Heat


Profile | Community-led heat mitigation

Uganda: Improving Waste Management for Flood Control


Profile | Waste management for flood control in Bwaise

Report | Project Update (As of December 2020)

Story | Tackling Climate Change in Kampala's Informal Settlements

Video | Short animation produced by TAU to sensitize communities about the consequences of poor waste management:


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Community of Practice (CoP)


Peer Learning | Session 1: Getting to know each other

Peer Learning | Session 2 and 3: Sharing knowledge on local climate change adaptation

Detailed requirements for the Call for Proposals 2020:

Guidelines | Call for Proposals 2020

 Harnessing knowledge and diversity from within local communities and matching with the legal mandates of local governments enables the creation of interventions more aligned with experienced realities and the identification of new approaches.

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