Cities Alliance is hosting its Assembly and Management Board meeting in Naivasha, Kenya from 9 to 11 May 2024.

The 2024 Cities Alliance Assembly marks the organisation's 25th anniversary, underscoring its long-term commitment to fostering inclusive cities since its inception in 1999 under Nelson Mandela's patronage. Over the years, Cities Alliance, as a partnership, has championed sustainable urban development, social inclusion, and effective governance, advocating for cities as engines of opportunity. 

Amidst growing recognition of cities' pivotal role in addressing global challenges, the Assembly will be an opportunity to reflect on past achievements. It will also seek to confront today’s greatest issues from climate change to complex migration dynamics, and the growing challenge of working in increasingly unstable contexts. It will reflect on the importance of multi-stakeholder alliances in the global efforts to shape a sustainable future for all.

The Assembly is the sovereign body of the Cities Alliance, comprising all members. It provides leadership and overall direction to the organisation and deliberates on sustainable urban development and related issues.

Cities Alliance's Charter


This year, the Cities Alliance Assembly will spotlight central issues increasingly shaping the Partnership's work:


Additionally, the Assembly will review new membership applications and elect a new President as Aníbal Gaviria Correa's term nears its end.

The 2024 Cities Alliance Assembly marks a significant milestone in urban development advocacy and coherence of effort. Through reflection, dialogue, and strategic initiatives, it aims to propel the agenda of inclusive, sustainable cities forward for the next quarter-century.


Cities Alliance Assembly 2024 - Naivasha, Kenya, flyer