This session is part of the Cities Alliance Assembly 2024. Envisioning Partnerships for the Future will explore how the organisation, through joint work with its members, can contribute to shaping the future of global governance and development, particularly in light of the upcoming UN Summit of the Future (September 2024) and the Second World Summit for Social Development (2025). 

Against the backdrop of global crises, participants will discuss the importance of these summits in renewing multilateralism and fostering partnerships that prioritise addressing inequalities, scaling up climate action, and promoting peace.

PART 1 Summit of the Future / World Social Summit (10:00-11:45)


The Summit of the Future and Localization: the discussion will examine the road towards the Summit of the Future, focusing on ongoing negotiations around the Pact for the Future and milestones such as the UN Civil Society Conference, together with the work of the Advisory Group on Local and Regional Governments to the Secretary-General. Emphasis will be placed on reinvigorating multilateralism through governance in partnership and a renewed finance architecture.

The World Social Summit and a Global Social Agenda: This session will focus on the World Social Summit as a catalyst for galvanizing a multi-stakeholder coalition around a global social agenda centred on equality, climate action, sustainability, peace and democracy, with local public service provision serving as a driving force for change.

High-level opening by Maria Fernanda Espinosa, 73rd President of the United Nations General Assembly, Executive Director Global Women Leaders for Change and Inclusion (GWL Voices).

Facilitation: Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Executive Director GWL Voices, and Emilia Saiz, UCLG Secretary General


  • Lucy Slack, CLGF, Secretary General
  • Dyfed Aubrey, UN-Habitat, Inter-Regional Advisor
  • Carley Pennink, IHS, Lead Specialist in Governance, PPPs and Capacity Building, Assistant Professor
  • Mikkel Aagaard Harder, SDI, Partnerships, SDI
  • Mewahib Mohamed, REALL, Director of Programme and Business Development


PART 2 Global Action Plan for slums and informal settlements (12:00-13:00)

Amidst considerable gloThe Global Action Plan (GAP) emerges from a shared understanding that urgent action is imperative.bal efforts to tackle informal settlements and slums, the real challenge lies ahead. This discussion will explore specific areas requiring immediate attention and the collective principles necessary to unlock sustainable and inclusive transformation by 2030.

Moderation: Julian Baskin, Principal Urban Advisor, Cities Alliance


  • Stephen Seidel, Senior Director – Technical Partnerships HfHI
  • Jane Weru, Executive Director and founder member of Akiba Mashinani Trust 
  • Lwandiso Arthur Mpepho, Deputy Director International Relations, Department of Human Settlements, South Africa.


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Naivasha, Kenya