Within the framework of the Khartoum Process, the thematic meeting on Climate Change and Migration: Addressing Impacts and Adaptation Strategies for human mobility in the context of climate change will take place in Addis Ababa on 5-7 October, co-hosted by Ethiopia and Germany.

There are several ways in which environmental factors and climate change are interlinked with migration and mobility dynamics, some of them becoming·more prominent on the policymakers' agendas in recent years. Accordingly, new cooperation mechanisms and preparedness actions are needed to address human mobility in the context of climate ·change. Against this background, the objectives of the upcoming meeting include:

  • Establishing an understanding of the nuanced nature of the climate change - migration nexus, with a focus on the regions involved;
  • Defining a conceptual framework for mainstreaming climate mobility into migration governance and other connected areas such as urban planning;
  • Sharing experiences on strategies and initiatives at the local, national, and regional levels on human mobility in the context of climate change;
  • Exploring the role of migration dialogues such as the Khartoum Process and the Rabat Process in deepening intergovernmental cooperation and facilitating collaborative responses to climate-induced mobility;
  • Identifying areas for further exploration and recommendations for further implementation and cooperation among and within the dialogues.

Cities Alliance will participate in the event represented by Tsigereda Tafesse, Ethiopia Country Advisor. She will present Cities Alliance's work in the region on migration and urban expansion, climate-resilient urban expansion planning, and the support to local authorities to better plan infrastructure and urban growth in light of the increasing climate-induced internal displacement in the region. 

The Khartoum Process is a regional dialogue for cooperation among the countries along the migration route between the Horn of Africa and Europe. Its main focus is to fight human trafficking and people smuggling. The platform fosters a common understanding of the associated challenges and encourages opportunities for partnership, as well as the implementation of concrete actions, on a voluntary basis. 

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia