The city of Madaba, with a history dating back approximately 3500 years, is profoundly intertwined with its rich heritage. It boasts numerous heritage sites adorned with Byzantine mosaics, making it a prominent tourist destination in Jordan. This historical legacy is not just a facet of the city; it's an integral part of its identity.

While tourism and related activities, such as crafting and trade, form the primary economic pillars of the city and the region, the tourism industry features a significant gender imbalance, with a notable overrepresentation of male workers.

Cities Alliance, in partnership with the Governorate and the City of Madaba, is organizing the workshop Empowering Creative Women in Madaba: Advancing Gender Equality in Heritage Management, Conservation, and Skill Development. This initiative aims to better understand the unique needs and priorities of women concerning their access to training and employment opportunities within the cultural heritage sector.

Through participatory assessments involving key stakeholders, including representatives from civil society organizations, craftsmen, conservators, municipal departments, and academia, the project seeks to identify educational and training opportunities and bridge existing gaps for women in heritage site preservation and sustainable tourism.


  • Engage local stakeholders, including civil society and women-led organizations, development practitioners, city authorities, and government representatives, in a participatory workshop to assess the urban needs and priorities of women and girls in Madaba.
  • Identify current skill sets, opportunities, and limitations related to the education and employment of women in the cultural heritage and tourism sectors.

This workshop aligns with the Cities Alliance's work to advance gender equality and sustainable urbanization in cities in the MENA region

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Madaba, Jordan