Join Cities Alliance at COP28 to explore how cities in the MENA region are promoting women's role in building resilience in urban areas. 

Women and girls experience the greatest climate impacts. Climate change exacerbates the drivers of inequality and disproportionately affects them. As for most local governments, cities need to adapt and address climate-related challenges faced by women and girls by mainstreaming gender considerations into climate adaptation, resilience policies and planning.

To implement this shift, stakeholders need to understand how women are specifically affected by climate change and to include gender considerations when designing urban plans and infrastructure, financing, implementation and monitoring processes.

Women Building Resilience in Cities Flyer. Woman in Tunisia. Photo: CGIAR


This panel discussion will combine the global and local perspectives on how to promote gender-sensitive climate action in cities by gathering experts and government representatives to share practical approaches and experiences.

It will feature concrete examples from the recent Tunisian strategy for gender and climate, the experience from the Nouakchott region in Mauritania, the Centre of Climate Change Competences Morocco and the Dutch gender-mainstreaming approach in their climate strategy. A critical question on this topic is how to forge a path of gender mainstreaming in climate initiatives and plans.

The key objectives of the session are to share the gains, gaps and challenges of addressing gender in climate change policy;  learn more on how to create more inclusive and participatory planning processes oriented by tools such as Cities Alliance's Her4Climate; and highlight women's leadership and participation in decision-making at the local level.

Input: Arne Georg Janssen, Climate Change lead, Cities Alliance

Moderator: Hanne Knaepen, Head Climate Action and Green Transitions, ECDPM 


  • Fatimetou Boukhreiss, Climate Change Program Coordinator, Nouakchott Region, Mauritania
  • Kawthar Monkachi, Head of the Capacity Building Pole at the 4C Morocco Center
  • Jacob Waslander, MENA envoy for water and food, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands
  • Representative of the Tunisian Ministry of Environment


The event will take place at the UNOPS Pavilion in the Blue Zone: Area B7, Building 88, Pavilion TA3-350. 11 am Dubai / 8am CET.

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UNOPS Pavilion - Expo City, Dubai, UAE