Cities Alliance hosts a panel discussion on Environmental restoration through nature-based solutions: community engagement and livelihood opportunities at COP27 SDG Pavillon.

Many cities in the developing world lack the financial resources to build the infrastructure needed to adapt to a changing climate. Nature-based solutions (NbS) offer potentially cost-effective and viable alternatives.


Wetlands are a crucial nature-based solution. They provide great social, economic and environmental value to flora, fauna and human settlements. 


This session at COP27 will explore the key factors for the successful inclusion of nature-based solutions into urban development projects, such as a Cities Alliance initiative in Uganda, around the restoration of the Kinawataka wetland.

The wetland lies within the Lake Victoria basin in Kampala and provides key ecosystem services to the city, including slowing runoff, controlling flooding and water purification. The ecosystem is threatened by urban encroachment of informal settlements, with industries, petty trading, and illegal dumping of solid waste expanding in the area. As a result, the storage and holding capacity of the wetland for stormwater have been greatly constrained. Kinawataka is now affected by frequent and severe flooding.

Nature-based solutions that involve slum dwellers in design, decision-making and stewardship, not only enhance the community's resilience to climate impacts. They also contribute to creating livelihood opportunities and empower urban poor dwellers as guardians of their environment. 


  • Hon. Judith Nabakooba, Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda
  • Sam Mabala, Urban Advisor, Cities Alliance Uganda
  • Joseph Epitu, Commissioner, Water and Environment Ministry of Uganda
  • Theresa Carampatana, President of the Homeless People's Federation of the Philippines 

This in-person event will take place at the SDG Pavilion/Social media stage at 8:30am EET/7:30am CET. All events were recorded and can be watched here.

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