Cities Alliance participates in the session on Amplifying Voices from Urban Informal Settlements: Governance and finance models that advance climate justice and urban resilience, hosted by Slum Dwellers International and GAYO, at the Resilience Hub.

To realise a resilient, just future, effective climate interventions must include organized urban poor communities – particularly women and youth – as lead designers, planners, and implementers of climate solutions. Evidence shows that these communities have the skills, capacities and systems to drive and deliver locally-led adaptation and channel climate finance directly to communities who need it most. The urban poor are equal partners when it comes to finding solutions.

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The session will illustrate the power of urban poor communities to produce governance and finance models that advance climate justice from the ground up.

Using tools such as community-driven data collection, risk mapping and assessment, stakeholder forums, development of climate policies and action plans, and the establishment of city funds to access climate finance at the local level, urban poor communities are advocating for and implementing just climate adaptation strategies and solutions.

Development agencies, governments, and multilateral institutions must partner with these communities to resource, replicate and scale this work to effect real change. The session will combine the experiences of local voices with responses from SDI partners including an interactive panel.

Cities Alliance will be represented at the event by Arne Janssen, Climate Change and Resilience lead.

This is an in-person event at COP27 Resilience Hub. It will take place at 12:30 EET / 11:30 CET. 

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