Cities Alliance has effectively drawn attention and contributed to global knowledge on cities and urban poverty since the creation of the Cities Without Slums Action Plan in 1999. Through the Global and Innovation Programme windows Cities Alliance has advanced new tools, practices and understanding of emerging urban issues on topics including Equitable Economic Growth, Urban Resilience, Informality and Housing, Secure Tenure, Youth, Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change and Cities for Women.

Cities Alliance regularly measures the impact of Country Programmes and their contribution to localising the Sustainable Development Goals. Measured impacts of the Liberia Country Programme (2016-2021) include improved critical access to basic services for over 450,000 residents of informal settlements and a 42% decrease in informal traders facing harassment by authorities. Measured impacts of the Uganda Country Programme (2010-2016) included over 520,000 residents with improved critical access to basic services and a contribution to the increase of 168% in municipal expenditure per person.


Impact infographic header
People have improved access to baseic services through community infrastructure projects
WASH, public space, and gender-sensitive Community Infrastructure Projects constructed

Data from CUF projects completed in Liberia, Uganda and Vietnam

Impact Results Country Programmes