The 2019 Corporate Scorecard accompanies the Annual Report to provide a strategic overview of the organisation’s performance.  It is our central corporate results management tool and provides an assessment on the achievement of development results, effectiveness in achieving those results, and the efficiency of our operations.

The Scorecard includes key performance indicators (structured according to the Results Framework) to measure and document progress across the various tiers of results, with baselines, milestones and targets. The targets for the current Scorecard, were set in line with the Cities Alliance Strategy - 2018-21.

The indicators are organized into four Tiers:

  1. Tier I Development Goals: the overall development impact/context at the global level.
  2. Tier II: Client Results: the impact of our work on the ability of cities to deliver improved services to the urban poor.
  3. Tier III: Cities Alliance Programmatic Results: the outcomes generated by our programmes.
  4. Tier IV: Organisational and Operation Performance: outputs delivered by the Secretariat in terms of partnership, volume, efficiency and sustainability.

The 2019 Scorecard captures an encouraging set of results from across the organisation. The majority of Tier III indicators are on track with performance at or above 50% of the overall target for the Strategy. Improvements on 2018 results were made in 8 of the 9 indicators. The Tier IV indicators demonstrate the substantial gains made in organisational effectiveness and operational performance of the Secretariat. Over 65% of the Tier IV indicators recorded positive improvement since 2018.


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