This report provides insights into how secondary cities in the Horn of Africa that host a significant number of refugees are improving urban planning and service delivery for inclusive development. 

The publication highlights the key outcomes of a regional peer-learning event organised by Cities Alliance, in collaboration with the European Union, in Kampala, Uganda in March 2022. 

The learning event was the third workshop held as part of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF): Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility – Regional Network and Dialogue project, implemented by Cities Alliance and funded by the EU through the European Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF for Africa).

Its theme, Conceptualising Urban Planning and Integration in an Era of Urbanisation and Displacement, responds to the fundamental question participants raised at the second CRRF peer learning event: How can we strengthen the role of municipalities in integrated urban planning and service delivery in rapidly growing cities that are hosting significant numbers of refugees and displaced persons?

The report includes an overview of governance and long-term sustainability for the regional network, which is being formed by cities in the Horn of Africa participating in the CRRF project. 

It also provides an introduction to Urban Expansion Planning, a simple approach for cities to plan the next 30 years of growth in a way that matches their context and resources, that has been successfully implemented in Ethiopia.