Urban LandMark: Resources on Thematic Areas: Markets, Tenure and Governace

Resources on Thematic Areas: Markets, Tenure and Governace

Urban LandMark Resources on Tenure

  -  Operation of the market study: land access in urban areas - the case of Maputo (2012)

  -  The interaction between informal land markets and rural-urban migration (2011)

  -  Incrementally securing tenure: an approach for informal settlement upgrading in South Africa (2010)

  -  New small-scale rental strategy promises to improve supply of affordable housing (2010)

  -  The struggle for property ownership in New Crossroads (2010)

  -  Towards managed land settlement - a review of five South African case studies (2010)

  -  Access to Urban Land: a handbook for community organisations (2008)

  -  How the poor access, hold and trade land: findings revisited (2008)

  -  Land Access Manuals - by Afesis Corplan (2008)

  -  Land Biographies Project (2008)

  -  Local Land Registration Practices in South Africa (2008)

  -  How the poor access, hold and trade land (2007)

  -  Voices of the Poor: community perspectives on accessing urban land (2007)


Urban LandMark Resources on Markets

  -  Improving access to the city through value capture (2012)

  -  The impact of the development of formal retail centres in 'emerging economy' areas in South Africa (2011)

  -  State of African Cities Report (2010)

  -  Street traders in Tshwane: investigating their challenges and realities(2010)

  -  Street trading in Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality: realities and challenges (2010)

  -  Affordable inner city residential accommodation for the poor (2008)

  -  Case studies on integration (2008)

  -  Competing for Urban Land: improving the bidding power of the poor (2008)

  -  The dynamics of the formal urban land market in South Africa (2008)

  -  Voices of developers and municipalities: Creating more inclusive cities through cooperation (2008)

  -  Land as Commodity in South Africa (2007)

  -  Making Urban Land Markets Work Better in South African Cities and Towns (2007)


Urban LandMark Resources on Governance

  -  Land Governance Assessment Framework: South Africa (2012)

  -  Managing urban land: a guide for municipal practitioners (2012)

  -  Investigation into the delays in issuing title deeds to beneficiaries of housing projects funded by the capital subsidy (2011)

  -  Municipal rates policies and the urban poor (2009)

  -  CUBES and Planact Land Management Project (2008)

  -  International Land Banking Practices: Considerations for Gauteng Province (2007)

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