Are you a local actor working on the follow-up and review of the global sustainability agendas? Do you have a best practice to share? Cities Alliance will give you the chance to share it at a global level.


An opportunity to present your project at the global level


Cities and local actors are driving development. This has been widely acknowledged through a dedicated SDG11 on Cities and Human Settlements in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and other major global sustainability agendas.

These agendas need to be localised, not only in terms of implementation, but also in the Follow-Up and Review. The data that local stakeholders collect must feed into the reporting on the global agendas at the national and global level. This reporting should go beyond SDG11; integrated approaches are needed that address the urban dimensions of all SDGs and across various global agendas.
To help fill that need, Cities Alliance is launching a call for best practices that take an integrated approach to the Follow-up and Review process for the global sustainability agendas at the local level. We are looking for experiences that show how the global sustainability agendas are translated in line with the realities and needs of local actors.

Who can apply

Local and regional governments, civil society and/or private sector from any city or country who are engaging in the Follow-Up and Review  (FuR) processes of the global sustainability agendas at the local level are invited to apply.

Why apply

The three best practices will be showcased at activities linked to the UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York 16-18 July 2018 and featured in a publication.

More about the Beyond SDG11 Call for Best Practices, eligibility, and how to apply 


Submit an application by 21 May 2018, midnight, Central European Time.
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