Provision of protective equipment for the Hospital of Amatitlán

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Covid Response in Guatemala:

 Donation of Medical Supplies in Amatitlán  


10 December 2020 - The Municipality of Amatitlán and Avina Foundation, with support from Cities Alliance and UNOPS Guatemala, made today a donation of medical supplies to the National Hospital of Amatitlán, to contribute to the efforts of local authorities in curbing the pandemic.

The material, for the use of staff and Covid-19 patients, includes personal protective equipment, masks, gloves and surgical caps. The donation is part of the Cities Alliance's global response to the Covid-19 crisis, supported by the Swedish Cooperation Agency (Sida).


This donation is very helpful for the care of Covid-19 patients and will ensure that doctors and nurses have the supplies needed for better performance in their work, as well as for the patients that require and are using the healthcare services offered by the hospital.

Dr. Macario Chavez, Director of the National Hospital of Amatitlán. 


Currently, the hospital provides nearly 30,000 annual preventive and curative consultations to residents of Amatitlán, Palín, Escuintla and neighbouring municipalities such as Villa Nueva, San Miguel Petapa and Villa Canales.

Cities Alliance is a multilateral alliance that fights against urban poverty and supports cities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. To ensure its operation, Cities Alliance has established a fund administered by UNOPS.

In Guatemala, Cities Alliance implements projects to promote social and economic development through the integration of labour migrants in the city, in partnership with Avina Foundation and in close cooperation with local municipal authorities. 



Learn more about our Cities and Migration programme.


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