Cities Alliance is recruiting a pool of expert consultants to fill multiple Urban Specialist positions to support the work of the organization across business development, project and programme design, technical implementation, M&E, communications, analytical and sectoral products.

Expertise can be in one or more of the following sectors as they relate to urban development and urban poverty:

  • Urban infrastructure

  • Urban services (WASH)

  • Participatory governance

  • Community/Municipal Development Funds 

  • Strategic urban planning

  • Slum upgrading and housing

  • Local economic development and job creation

  • Informal economy

  • Environment and climate change

  • Gender and women empowerment

  • Migration and urbanisation

  • Other urban development issues that may be considered strategic by Cities Alliance. 

Find more information and apply here:

Urban Specialist, Multiple positions

Senior Urban Specialist, Multiple positions

Applications are open until 31 December 2021. 

Recruitment urban specialists 2021


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