Urban assessment workshop from a gender perspective

Workshop on 12 March - 09:30 (EAT)

In-person, by invitation only


Over the past decades, Kampala’s population has grown rapidly, due to the combination of natural population growth, rural-urban migration, and land use reclassification. The urban population has almost doubled from 1.74 million in 2007 to 2.84 million in 2017.

Successfully addressing gender gaps in the ongoing process of urbanisation will be a required condition for Uganda to meet the ambitious Vision 2040 goals of becoming a modern and inclusive middle-income country.  Better understanding and addressing the needs of women living in informal settlements will improve the living conditions of all inhabitants, through the provision of basic services, inclusive public spaces, improved transportation services and better access to land.

Cities Alliance organizes an in-person workshop gathering local stakeholders, with a focus on women-organizations from informal communities, to share experiences, knowledge and perceptions on the current engagement of women in the various dimensions of their environments.

The objectives of the event are to improve gender-awareness of city policymakers and local stakeholders; identify obstacles and enablers for women’s engagement in urban governance, and planning and promote women’s active engagement in city governance and planning.  

The results of this engagement will inform the Kampala-Jinja Expressway “No One Worse Off” (NOWO) project and specific Covid-19 response actions in informal settlements.


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