Join Cities Alliance in this Urban Thinkers Campus event on the challenges and opportunities to improve gender mainstreaming across urban climate adaptation strategies and plans. The hybrid event will take place at the ULB Victoire Bourgeois Auditorium at 19 Place E. Flagey, Brussels.



Cities around the world are increasingly developing climate adaptation and resilience strategies. Due to the different effects of climate change on men and women, these urban adaptation actions need to take on a gendered approach to ensure that proposed solutions do not exacerbate existing gender inequalities in cities. Yet, many adaptation plans fail to capitalize on women’s knowledge who are often the first responders when disaster strikes and also hold the role of the household and community educators. Since women tend to be poorly represented in urban decision-making on climate action, gender dimensions are rarely prioritized in urban planning and policies on climate action and adaptation.

Cities Alliance and the Université Libre de Bruxelles organize an Urban Thinkers Campus to discuss how the EU can support women-led climate adaptation actions in cities and what is needed to improve gender mainstreaming across urban climate adaptation plans. The event will collectively identify a set of concrete recommendations and actions.

The main questions the event will address are:

  • What are the challenges and opportunities to the incorporation of a gender mainstreaming approach into climate adaptation actions and plans? 
  • How to best translate international adaptation and gender mainstreaming agendas into local initiatives and projects on the ground? 
  • How can the EU improve its impact on the ground by fostering gender-sensitive and resilient cities?
  • What can we learn from local initiatives focusing on the topic in Europe and abroad?



Event: Towards gender balanced urban development and resilient cities

Attend the event in person: Auditorium Bourgeois, Faculté d’architecture de l’ULB: La Cambre Horta, Pl. Eugène Flagey 19, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.

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Auditorium Victoire Bourgeois ULB, 19 Place E. Flagey, Brussels