Data is fundamental for investment and particularly for affordable housing. Cities Alliance member Reall and partners CAHF and 71Point4 undertook a review of Uganda's data landscape for housing and identified a breadth of data distributed across many government departments and agencies.

The session aims at articulating the key recommendations emanating from the data landscape report for further deliberation and engagement with the audience. The presentation will cover an overview of the Data Agenda, the data opportunity for Uganda and an overview of the data pipeline- focusing on what it is and how it can be leveraged.

The panel discussion will focus on how Uganda can address the data gaps- how key institutions could play an important role in making what data does exist visible and publicly available, in support of greater investment in affordable housing.

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  • Kecia Rust, Executive Director at CAHF
  • Ben Atkinson, Research, Evidence & Learning Manager, Reall
  • Natalie Cuzen, Senior Consultant, 71Point4
  • Jimmy Barnard, Research Consultant
  • Samuel Mabala, Country Urban Advisor, Cities Alliance Uganda
  • Fiona Nshemerirwe, General Manage, Uganda Housing Cooperative Union
Uganda Data Landscape webinar
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