Join Cities Alliance and IIED in a session focusing on innovative data collection and usage approaches at the Innovate4Cities Conference.

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The Innovate4Cities Conference (I4C) is a five-day virtual event focusing on the nexus between science, practice and innovation vital to shaping inclusive, resilient, and climate-neutral cities. The conference is co-hosted by UN-Habitat and the Global Covenant of Mayors.

At the I4C, Cities Alliance and IIED will host a session on new data approaches that are being used to tackle the multiple interacting shocks and stresses faced by cities.

The session will propose a short landscape analysis of current data acquisition challenges, followed by experts' presentations of ongoing approaches and breakout rooms- ‘virtual sandboxes’, to explore each approach in more detail and discuss with the audience.

A plenary discussion will work towards generating a consensus on the need for embracing dynamic and decentralised approaches for acquiring and analysing data. 



Introduction and moderation

  • Arne Janssen, Urban Environment Specialist, Cities Alliance 

The landscape of climate risks in cities, challenges and the potential of innovative data approaches

  • Aditya Bahadur, Principal researcher, Human Settlements, IIED

Expert presentations

  • Nadir uz Zaman, Postdoctoral Scientist, Research Group on Climate Change and Security, Hamburg University: 
    Unveiling Hidden Migration and Mobility Patterns through cell phone data


  • Smruti Jukur, Program Leader, Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centre, SPARC:
    Share experiences on Mapping COVID-19 Contagion-Risk Hotspots in cities through community led data
  • Anthony Piaskowy, Senior Director of Operations & Program Impact, Cadasta:
    Documentation of land and resource for local communities
  • Maryke van Staden, Director Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting, ICLEI:
    How do we better engage local governments to use climate data? 

Plenary discussion

Closing remarks

  • Arne Janssen
  • Aditya Bahadur
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