Join us in this webinar for the launch of the report 'No One Worse off? The Role of Environmental and Social Safeguards for Resilient Infrastructure Projects in Cities'.
Safeguards in Infrastructure projects
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Cities around the world are the main drivers of trade and local development. In the case of sub-Saharan Africa, the world’s fastest urbanising region, the population growth patterns of cities are significant, with most of the growth predicted to occur through informal settlements. With this continuing trend, it is key to adequately plan, implement, and manage infrastructure to respond to urbanisation needs. 

Safeguards are internationally recognised mitigation measures designed to significantly reduce or remove negative environmental and social impacts caused by development projects. Cities Alliance, in partnership with SECO and BMZ, conducted this deep-dive study to identify gaps and shortcomings in environmental and social safeguarding for infrastructure projects. 

The main objective of the publication is to expand and improve the knowledge surrounding the relationships between environmental and social safeguard systems and climate change. These are examined through the context of informal urban settlements and the burgeoning informal economy.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss the results and key recommendations of the publication with urban experts.

Panel discussion

  • Greg Munro, Director of Cities Alliance
  • Bryony Walmsley, Author of the Report
  • Heike Kathrin Litzinger, Head of Urban Development Division,
    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Dagmar Vogel, Head of Infrastructure Financing Division,
    Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) 
  • Alice Nabalamba, Chief Urban Development Specialist, Infrastructure, Cities and Urban Development Department, African Development Bank 
  • Papa Abdoulaye Sy, Global Lead Urban Development, Islamic Development Bank
  • Afshan Khawaja, Advisor on Safeguards and Sustainability, former Manager for Environmental and Social Standards, The World Bank
  • Julian Baskin, Principal Advisor at Cities Alliance
  • Stephen F. Lintner, Urban Expert

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