Join Cities Alliance at COP28 to explore the role of inclusive climate-compatible infrastructure for gender equality.


Women make up nearly half of the agricultural labour force in developing countries. When provided with the same access to resources as men, women can increase their agricultural yields by 20 to 30 percent, which can reduce poverty, and hence help individuals better adapt to the effects of climate change. Additionally, women are first responders to natural disasters, leaders in disaster risk reduction, and contribute to post-recovery in their families and communities.


By involving women in climate action, we can build stronger, more resilient communities that are better equipped to fight climate change.


However, women face numerous barriers when trying to access basic services and economic opportunities and also bear the burden of domestic tasks, which limits the time they can dedicate to tasks that contribute to climate change adaptation within their communities.

Gender-responsive infrastructure can empower women to access productive resources and opportunities, accelerate their socio-economic mobility, boost gender equality at household and community levels, and enhance women’s role as builders of climate change resilience.

The discussion will build on examples across Africa where inclusive infrastructure has helped improve women’s empowerment so they are better positioned to contribute to climate change adaptation in their communities.

Keynote: Jorge Moreira Da Silva, UNOPS' Executive Director


  • Ms Sarah Hendricks, Deputy Executive Director a.i, UN Women
  • Ms Dalila Goncalves, Africa Regional Director a.i., UNOPS
  • Greg Munro, Director of Cities Alliance
  • Mr Kaveh Zahedi, FAO Director for Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment 
  • Representative of African government 


The event will take place at the UNOPS Pavilion in the Blue Zone: Area B7, Building 88, Pavilion TA3-350. 4pm Dubai / 1 pm CET.

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COP28, UNOPS Pavilion - Expo City, Dubai, UAE