Cities Alliance will contribute to the session on Climate risks and climate mobility in intermediate cities, hosted by the Global Centre for Climate Mobility (GCCM) and the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative (ACMI) at COP27 Climate Mobility Pavillon.

Within 25 years, Africa’s urban population will be larger than that of North America, Europe, or Latin America. Africa is the most rapidly urbanising region globally and is expected to become a majority urban population in the 2030s, reaching 748 million city dwellers. It is expected that the bulk of Africa’s urban population growth until 2035 will take place in smaller cities and towns with fewer than 500,000 residents.

Climate shocks and stressors affecting the African continent could turn its cities into hotspots of climate risk and vulnerability. Cities in low-lying coastal areas face the prospect of rising sea levels and increased riverine flooding. Extreme heat will further worsen living conditions for city dwellers, especially those in informal settlements. 


How are climate risks affecting smaller African cities and the movement and safe settlement of people? 


The panel Climate risks and climate mobility in intermediate cities, hosted by GCCM/ACMI, will discuss challenges facing smaller African cities in the context of the climate crisis and how local and national authorities and their partners can move from reactive to anticipatory responses, plan ahead, and adopt people-centred policies for adaptation and resilience.

Managing climate mobility into these smaller cities will present an increasing challenge, as many municipalities lack the necessary institutional, financial, and technological capacity to cope with their already rapidly growing populations. However, stronger ties between rural and urban areas due to climate mobility and translocal household adaptation strategies also offer the potential to strengthen resilience in both places. 


  • Moderator: Susan Ekoh, Researcher, German Institute of Development and Sustainability
  • Nick Simpson, Senior Advisor and Lead for Knowledge and Practice, Africa Climate Mobility Initiative
  • Luc Gnacadja, founder and president of Governance & Policies for Sustainable Development
  • Arne Janssen, Climate Change lead, Cities Alliance 

This in-person event will take place at the Climate Mobility Pavilion at 11:30am EET/10:30am CET

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