What action is needed in the decade ahead to radically reduce global emissions through changes to the built environment? What is the role of energy data in achieving it? 

The panel will bring together experts who are actively engaged in tackling this challenge from different perspectives and geographies. The discussion will focus on sharing hard-won lessons and advice for policymakers from the frontline of building decarbonisation innovation.


  • Gavin Starks, CEO & Founder, Icebreaker One
  • Volker Buscher, Chief Data Officer, Arup
  • Linet Kwamboka, Africa Program Manager, Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data
  • Nuha Eltinay, Board Advisor and representative in MENA for Resurgence
  • Anacláudia Rossbach, Regional Manager – Latin America and the Caribbean, Cities Alliance

Watch the livestream of the session on YouTube:

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Glasgow, United Kingdom