The Office for Latin America of the International Habitat Coalition (HIC-AL), the Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C / PGDC) and Cities Alliance are co-organizing a series of debates in Spanish to discuss the Right to the City in Latin America. In 2021, the Brazilian City Statute is celebrating 20 years. The first encounter will be about the role of this landmark for urban transformation in the region.

This event will be held in Spanish. Register here.


In 2021, the New Urban Agenda (NAU) is celebrating 5 years of existence and the Brazilian City Statute, 20 years. They are both the result of important movements and advocacy efforts involving a variety of social actors and politicians committed to creating more equitable, just and sustainable cities and human settlements. What have been the advances and setbacks? And the impacts?

Latin America is currently experiencing a time of important socio-political effervescence that promote processes of constitutional and legislative transformations, i.e. Chile and El Salvador. Collectively raising a balance of the advances of the right to the city from the NAU and the City Statute is key because a window of opportunity is open in the region in which articulated efforts can resonate with more force in favour of social and urban justice. 

The main objectives of the debates are to:

  • Make a collective balance of the progress made in the implementation of the right to the city in Latin America, taking into account the NAU and the main instruments derived from the Brazilian Citi Statute;
  • Discuss limits and possibilities of national and local experiences aimed at guaranteeing the right to the city;
  • Enable reflections on how to materialize the right to the city in the different national laws and in the daily life of Latin American cities and human settlements dwellers.

As part of the series, a first webinar on 18 October will focus on: The relevance of the Brazilian City Statute for urban transformation in Latin America.


Betânia Alfonsin, Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Urbanístico - IBDU (Brazil)

Daniel Montandon, The Future of the City Statute (Brazil)

Nelson Saule Jr., Polis Institute (Brazil) / Global Platform for the Right to the City

Andrea Fernandez, Vice-Minister of Housing (Costa Rica)

Jaime Rello, Urban Popular Movement (Mexico)

Valentina Pineda Mendizabal, Ciudad Constituyente (Chile)

Moderation by Anacláudia Rossbach of Cities Alliance and Margarita Greene, of REDEUS.


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This flyer indicates the list of 4 webinars organized by the partners, it inclused a picture of a latin american informal settlement and the logo of the institutions.



Webinar en español, registrate aquí.

Primer webinar de la Serie de debates sobre los Avances del derecho a la ciudad en América Latina - Poniendo a debatir el Estatuto de la Ciudad, la Nueva Agenda Urbana, nuevas disposiciones constitucionales y leyes, este encuentro tratará de La relevancia del Estatuto de la Ciudad de Brasil para la transformación urbana en América Latina.

La programación prevé presentaciones de Brasil y una discusión con comentaristas de otros países de la región alrededor de la siguiente pregunta: ¿Cómo podríamos usar las lecciones del Estatuto de la Ciudad de Brasil para garantizar el Derecho a la Ciudad en los países de la región?


This flyer in Spanish indicates the programme of the first webinar organized by the partners, it inclused a picture of social movements demonstrations in LA and the logo of the institutions.


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