Sustainable Cities: Best Practices and Globally Applicable Principles for Financing City Wide Green Initiatives

The Accra SDGs Investment Fair, organized by Ghana's Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Ghana Investment Promotions Centre and the SDGs Advisory Unit at the Presidency was established to encourage private financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and facilitate collaborations between investors and sustainable public and private sector projects/businesses.·

The 2022 SDGs Investment Fair will be providing the platform for discussing enterprise development within the context of the government's efforts to fulfil its obligations under the Paris Agreement as well as deliver on its 2030 Agenda in the most efficient way. Stakeholders will help develop a sustainable network for post-COVID-19 strategies that will support the government’s vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid.

Within the framework of the event, Cities Alliance's Director Greg Munro will participate in the panel Sustainable Cities: Best Practices and Globally Applicable Principles for Financing City Wide Green Initiatives, on 9 September 2022 -16:40 CET

The importance of shaping sustainable cities continues to receive recognition as the world continues to urbanize rapidly. This is particularly true in developing countries in which urban growth is relatively high and the existing systems and infrastructure are not sufficient. Global estimates show that more than half of the global population currently lives in cities, and this is expected to reach two-thirds by 2050.

Rapid urbanization will bring more carbon emissions to cities and induce increased urban dwellers, who will be more frequently exposed to climate risks. Yet cities, if designed towards sustainability, have a high potential to prevent and resolve climate problems and contribute to human prosperity as cities can move quickly to implement locally viable solutions.

Cities have their own local contexts (local infrastructure, culture, institutions and knowledge) and provide space to incubate new green technologies as sociotechnical experiments can be carried out for clean energy innovation via observing and analyzing the interactions among technologies, users, infrastructure and institutions at the city scale. The technology demonstration can shape the frontline for larger green innovation by being replicated and scaled up later.

This session will aim to provide all the participants with a critical reflection and discussion on emerging areas, current status and future trends in the area of smart mobility and its contribution to a country’s development. The session will debate key questions including:

  • How to address the changing dynamics of rural development as we move towards sustainable cities?
  • What are the principles for ensuring sustainable financing for green initiatives?
  • What are the key enabling policy, institutional, financial and technological interventions required to make sustainable cities work?
  • How do we scale up the process and who are the key stakeholders?

This and all the events of the Investment Fair will take place on Zoom. Register here to attend. 

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