A new tool to assess women's vulnerability to water scarcity and engagement in water governance.

Access to water and the growing issue of water scarcity are becoming increasingly significant on a global scale. According to UN-Water, around 2.3 billion people live in countries facing water stress. Among them, 733 million are in regions like MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia, where water stress is especially high and critical.

Women and girls bear a heavy burden in this situation due to their social roles. Even though they play a crucial part in providing livelihoods and food security, their influence over water management often remains limited.

Given these challenges, it's crucial to integrate a gender perspective to tackle water-related issues specific to women. This approach supports empowering women in urban and peri-urban areas by enhancing their ability to engage in water governance.

Cities Alliance's Her4Water tool aims to empower women and girls to actively participate in water management and take leadership roles in climate adaptation projects by utilizing their knowledge and capabilities. Ultimately, this tool can enhance resilience, encourage sustainability, and enhance the overall well-being of communities grappling with water scarcity in urban and peri-urban areas.

Available in EnglishFrench and Arabic, the tool can be deployed in urban and peri-urban areas, spanning different contexts from cities to neighbourhoods and communities. User-friendly and easily printable, the tool facilitates effective data collection by engaging women, girls, community leaders, city officials, and civil society stakeholders.