Urbanization in Mozambique

Urbanization in Mozambique. Assessing Actors, Processes, and Impacts of Urban Growth

In the context of rapid urbanization, land management is a critical issue for sustainable development in Mozambique. Cities are expanding rapidly, through largely unplanned growth accompanied by large-scale occupation of land for housing, mostly with limited or no intervention by the government. As part of a larger research programme on the Future Cities Africa, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) conducts in-depth research, by collecting and analysing data on cities and urban land expansion in Mozambique, testing the relevant theories and models and integrating the results into the current national and international academic and policy debates, with the purpose of fulfilling theoretical and evidence gaps related to the comparative merits of planned expansion and compactness.

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IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam (Alexander Jachnow, Els Keunen, Carolina Lunetta, Anna Mazzolini and Ogenis Brilhante)