Cover_Empower a woman with water and she can change her city_

Water scarcity is a key issue increasingly affecting people living in MENA cities, with disproportionate impacts on women and girls.

Cities Alliance's new brief Empower a Woman with Water and She Can Change Her City, explores the nexus between water scarcity and gender inequality in MENA cities. It provides an overview of the situation in the region, and shares expert views on the issue in countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and Palestine. 

Through desk research and interviews with experts and activists from the region, the document highlights the gravity and extent of the issue, its socio-political causes, and the disproportionate impacts on women and girls.

The brief also showcases some of the grassroots initiatives that are enabling women to play a role in water management and makes recommendations for improved women’s engagement in this field, such as:

  1. Collecting sex-disaggregated data on water access and usage.
  2. Mapping gender-related roles, needs, and inequalities in the water sector.
  3. Raising awareness and enhancing women’s capacities in water resources management.
  4. Promoting the role of women in water diplomacy and cooperation.