Mid-term Report

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Learn more about how a grant from Cities Alliance Innovation Programme, is supporting communities to improve household waste disposal, create better livelihoods and help people adapt to and reduce the detrimental impacts of a changing climate, such as flooding. 

Improper disposal of household garbage is the major cause of flooding in Bwaise 3 Parish, an urban slum in Kampala. Household waste is often dumped into the already inadequate drainage channels, causing blockages, flooding and damage. People impacted by flooding can lose their belongings and their livelihoods, as well as time spent drying out their flooded houses – which also exposes them to further health hazards from the dirty floodwaters. Flooding affects all residents in the area, but women are especially vulnerable, due to their low socioeconomic status, fewer opportunities, and responsibilities that confine them at home.   

Tree Adoption Uganda (TAU), in cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and with support from the Cities Alliance Innovation Programme, aims to address this problem through its multi-faceted Waste Management for Flood Control project for Bwaise 3, which includes community involvement, education, incentives, and advocacy. 

This 2-page report provides an overview of the project, its achievements and key lessons learned. It also describes further issues that the ongoing project should address in the next months.