Project Update

The STDM tool is an innovative land information management system developed by UN-Habitat through the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN). It integrates formal, informal and customary land rights into a flexible, user-friendly system that is based on a global standard. Unlike previous enumeration tools that related a person’s name and address to land, STDM can relate personal identifiers, such as fingerprints, to a coordinate point inside a plot of land or dwelling. It can also be used in combination with other enumeration and planning tools. Cities Alliance supported the pilot for the STDM tool in Uganda.

The Nairobi-based NGO Pamoja Trust has been using STDM to better understand land tenure relationships and claims in Kenya. It has found STDM to be very effective in reducing conflicts over land tenure and increasing the capacity of communities to encode land information, which they can use to advocate for their rights.

The current project seeks to build on STDM’s successes in Kenya by scaling up and institutionalising the tool.

This 2-page report highlights the key lessons learned and achievements so far and provides information on the way forward. The project is implemented by our grantee Pamoja Trust.

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