Project Profile



Young people and digital technology often go hand in hand. Through a grant provided by Cities Alliance Innovation Programme, Badabon Sangho, a women-led NPO working on development issues in the Southwest region of Bangladesh, seeks to leverage this natural affinity to aid in an ambitious project to improve climate resilience planning in vulnerable urban areas. The project will train youth volunteers in data collection and digital mapping, using apps on Android mobile devices along with Open Data Kit (ODK), to collect and upload data in the field.

The maps and databases will become part of a coordinated local effort to better inform residents of Patuakhali and Bagerhat about existing climate risks, as well as to share climate resilience plans developed to help them cope with these risks. In addition, the databases may also be used to help with land tenure issues for members of poorer communities.

The outcomes of the Babadon Sangho project will also include the development of the climate resilience plans for Patuakhali and Bagerhat, which will be created at the local level through committees and meetings. Educational billboards will also be design and installed in both municipalities, and an impact story involving the project beneficiaries will be produced.

Through this project, Badabon Sangho aims to improve communications within the communities of Patuakhali and Bagerhat, particularly among indigenous and women-headed families. Finally, the project is also expected to influence policy-makers in the process of annual budgeting and implementation of resilience measures.

This 1-pager project profile provides information on the context and approach, as well as the grant size and the project duration.