Urban LandMark aims to ensure that relevant outputs from our research and project activities are made available as learning material to academics, experts, facilitators and teachers. The five case studies we produced in 2011 are each 10 pages in length, and provide a summary of key research issues, as well as detailed information around the findings and recommendations covered in the research reports on which they are based. For high-quality printing purposes, electronic print-ready copies are available from Urban LandMark on CD.

Case study download 2012:

  -  Facilitator's guide

  -  Angola and informal land tenure arrangements: Towards an inclusive land policy

  -  The financing of city services in Southern Africa 

  -  Maputo and informal land tenure arrangements 

  -  Retail centres and township development

  -  Creating and capturing value around transport nodes


Case study download 2011:

  -  List of the training materials

  -  Facilitator's guide

  -  Strategies to help poor people access urban land markets

  -  Small-scale private rental in South Africa

  -  Urban land markets in East Africa

  -  Urban land markets in Southern African cities

  -  Formal residential markets in urban areas


Case study download 2010:

  -  List of the training materials

  -  Facilitator's Guide

  -  Voices of the poor: Access to urban land: A case study

  -  Co-existing urban land-use management practices

  -  Urban land development in practice: Developers and municipalities share experiences

  -  Land governance and its influence on access to urban land

  -  Informal urban land markets and the poor

  -  Informal land registration in urban areas

  -  Access to land in poorer parts of towns and cities