Cities Alliance releases a new report exploring different approaches to creating gender-responsive and inclusive metropolitan areas. The report Metropolitan Spaces for Women was developed in collaboration with Womenability.
Metropolitan Spaces for Women - Cities Alliance

Globally, gender equality and women's empowerment remain a great challenge. An important factor driving the promotion of equality in cities is the idea that creating gender-sensitive urban policies not only benefits women but also helps create safe, inclusive, and sustainable cities for everyone. Active policies that understand and address women’s needs are a prerequisite to more democratic and inclusive metropolises.

Many local governments have gradually increased their gender mainstreaming efforts in municipal strategies or action plans. This publication showcases some of these efforts in order to inspire metropolitan governments worldwide to replicate such approaches and proposals.

The report investigates four metropolitan areas, focusing on a specific issue and gender-responsive policy in each city:

1. Mexico City: meeting women’s mobility needs;
2. Kathmandu: fostering women’s economic empowerment;
3. Tunis: creating inclusive public spaces with women; 
4. San Salvador: preventing gender-based violence.