This compendium highlights learning from the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF): Inclusive Urban Development and Mobility – Regional Network and Dialogue Action, funded by the European Union (EU) Trust Fund for Africa and implemented by Cities Alliance.


Seven refugee-hosting cities from four countries in the Horn of Africa participated in the Action: Gabiley and Borama (Somalia), Arua and Koboko (Uganda), Assosa and Jigjiga (Ethiopia), and Kakuma-Kalobeyei (Kenya). 

The Action supported these cities to integrate refugees, manage migration, provide basic services, and establish a network for knowledge sharing. It featured three components: Creating a regional network and dialogue, and two pilot programmes in Koboko and Assosa.

For three years, over 50 representatives from local and national governments, city administrations, refugee organisations, host communities, and the private sector participating in the Action gathered every six months to discuss their needs, challenges, and potential solutions with the appropriate municipal, national and regional actors as well as with neighbouring cities facing similar challenges.

Through these meetings, the cities strengthened their voices and brought national and international attention to their needs. They also provided a platform for informing cities and communities on solutions to improving living conditions and opportunities for both refugees and host populations, reducing the risk of conflict, and providing access to basic services for all vulnerable city residents.

This publication provides an overview of the best practices, methodologies, and strategies on migration and refugee management at the local level derived from the meetings and discussions.