Cities Alliance 2020 - Key Highlights.
Cities Alliance Annual Report 2020

In 2020, the world experienced a storm of simultaneous crises. While the impact of the pandemic was asymmetrical, once again the consequences of structural inequality and poverty were laid bare and, almost certainly, exacerbated.  

For hundreds of millions of people living precarious lives in informal settlements, Covid was an additional and unwelcome burden. 

In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, Cities Alliance reoriented efforts and activities to support the Covid-19 response. Initially, in the countries where we work, primarily in Africa and Latin America. Later, the scope of the response expanded to other regions in support to residents and slum-dweller organisations working in informal settlements.


The pandemic has exposed the gross inequalities present in cities, particularly in developing countries, and the urgent need for development assistance that reaches the most vulnerable. Investing in the resilience-building efforts of local organizations is vital to responding effectively to the crisis.



Like most organisations, the daily work of the Cities Alliance was affected. Despite the worst of Covid, we were able to make significant progress: for example,  in continuing to provide water and sanitary services in Monrovia; overseeing social and environmental safeguards associated with the Kampala-Jinja Expressway, and providing clear evidence of the critical role that cities can and should play in providing support to refugees and migrants. 

You will find in this report the key highlights of our work in 2020.


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