The annual report highlights the Cities Alliance's key achievements in 2023.
Annual Report 2023

Since its inception in 1999, Cities Alliance has remained committed to addressing urban poverty. Over the years, we have adapted and broadened our responses to the ever-increasing complexity of factors hindering sustainable urbanisation and exacerbating urban poverty.

The year 2023 presented unparalleled global challenges. Climate change and record-breaking temperatures escalated, while a surge in global migration reached unprecedented levels.

Additionally, conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East disrupted regional stability, further destabilizing the global economy, and sparking political and social unrest on a global scale.

In times of crisis, it is the most vulnerable who bear the brunt, particularly women and children. Many women are excluded from social and economic opportunities simply because of their gender, compounding the challenges they face as urban residents. Development aid budgets were strained, exacerbating humanitarian needs and complicating resource allocation decisions.

Despite these challenges, the Cities Alliance remains committed to fostering inclusive cities and tackling urban poverty head-on. With our core focus on 'Cities Without Slums', we persist in addressing migration impacts, promoting gender equality, combating climate change, and advocating for sustainable infrastructure, all guided by the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals. These aspects of Cities Alliance’s responses and activities are highlighted in this Annual Report.


We recognize the importance of adapting to the evolving global context, including increased engagement in conflict-affected and fragile countries.


Initiatives like our new program in Haiti underscore our commitment to addressing unique operational, financial, and security challenges in such environments. In conflict-affected regions, we prioritize conflict sensitivity, understanding local contexts, and recognizing the complexity of the environment.

None of our achievements would be possible without the rich diversity, experience, and collaboration facilitated by the multi-sectoral partnership that the Cities Alliance represents. Together, we strive for inclusive urban development and create positive change where it is needed most.

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