The Strengthening Capacity for Urban Migration Management and Improving Migrant Livelihoods in Jinja City project is part of the Cities Alliance Global Programme on Cities and Migration, which focuses on migration management in secondary cities in low-income countries and is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). In the second largest city of Uganda Cities Alliance partnered with Makerere University, and the slum dwellers organisation ACTogether.

The Strengthening Capacity for Urban Migration Management and Improving Migrant Livelihoods in Jinja City, Uganda, project built knowledge on rural-urban migrants in Jinja and the effects on poor host communities. The Jinja Municipal City Council, in close collaboration with citizen representatives, designed and implemented a migration management project focusing on secure land tenure for slum dwellers, the economic inclusion of poor migrant and non-migrant households through financial services and investment in viable enterprises, asset building, housing upgrading, and access to basic urban infrastructure, utilities and services.

This video explains the reason behind large migration movements to urban areas, the economic difficulties the inhabitants face on a daily basis, and what issues the informality of employment and ownership means for the people.

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