The Improving the Reception, Management and Integration of Rural-Urban Migrants with a Voluntary Registration Scheme, Resource Centre, Networking, and Infrastructure Development in Adama, Ethiopia project is part of the Cities Alliance Global Programme on Cities and Migration, which focuses on migration management in secondary cities in low-income countries and is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). For the project, Cities Alliance cooperated with The Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) in partnership with Adama City Level Labour and Social Office.

This project enhanced the responsive capacity of the Adama City Administration in receiving, managing and integrating migrants and displaced persons through:

  • Resource centres where migrants could receive adequate careservices when they arrived in the city. The voluntary registration process also provided valuable information to the city administration and helped it plan more effectively.
  • Networking groups that provided space for local stakeholders – including migrants and displaced persons, the city administration and the urban ministry – to discuss the main challenges and opportunities of migration in Adama.
  • Improved public infrastructure to provide migrants and displaced persons with better living conditions and economic opportunities, including two new market centres and a health care facility.

The video shares the stories of internally displaced people in Ethiopia and how a local protection center provides them with registration and ID – an essential first step in managing migration and enabling migrants to participate in the formal labour market.

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