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Open Call/Slum Upgrading
For the first Catalytic Fund call in 2011, objectives and activities of the proposed projects were required to be within the mandate and scope defined by the Cities Alliance Charter: Strengthening and promoting the role of cities in poverty reduction and in sustainable urban development.
The call aimed to attract projects in line with these objectives, such as a slum upgrading programme, ones that promoted strategies and policies designed to manage urban development, or knowledge activities aimed at sharing experiences on inclusive cities.


Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa
Implemented by Urban LandMark, the Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa initiative supported work on developing mechanisms to incrementally increase tenure security for households, including market studies and national tenure dialogues. The work has made a significant impact on changing the profile of the need for incremental tenure in the slum upgrading process, and has influenced thinking around how it should be done.
Lessons learned informed the development of a practical regional booklet, Incrementally Securing Tenure: Promising Practices in Informal Settlement Upgrading in Southern Africa, which includes both legal and administrative mechanisms to incrementally securing tenure.
It was sponsored by Shack/Slum Dwellers International and the South Africa Department of Human Settlements.
Housing Sector Development in Ethiopia: Making Shelter Assets Work
The project focuses on the post-construction management of neighbourhoods built under the Ethiopian Government’s Integrated Housing Development Programme (IHDP). It is sponsored by GIZ and implemented by the Housing Development and Government Buildings Construction Bureau of the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction.
Strategic Plan for the Southern Association of Municipalities of Santiago, Chile
This activity elaborates a strategic development plan with a participatory focus for seven municipalities located in the southern part of metropolitan Santiago. It is sponsored by the Chilean Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and UCLG, and implemented by the Southern Association of Municipalities of Santiago.
Urban Development Strategy for Metropolitan Yaoundé, Cameroon
The project involves the formulation and implementation of a sustainable urban development strategy in Yaoundé, with an emphasis on improving infrastructure and basic urban services in poor neighbourhoods. It is sponsored by the World Bank and implemented by the Yaoundé Urban Council.
Historic Cities Sustainable Development Strategy for Bukhara and Samarkand
The project supports  two historic Uzbek cities to identify and prioritise key areas for urban integrated development that will promote and attract local economic development opportunities. It is sponsored and implemented by the World Bank.