The Transformative Actions Program (TAP) is a global initiative to help local and regional governments transform their sustainable development concepts into mature, robust and bankable projects ready for financing and implementation. 

Led by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, and supported by Cities Alliance and 15 other partners, TAP was first launched in 2015 contributing to raising awareness and closing the gap between the availability and the accessibility of climate funds by subnational governments.

Climate finance is often inaccessible at the local and subnational levels, and where available, it can be highly complex. Additionally, the demand for investment-ready projects requires expertise and capacity development to create a strong pipeline of transformative local climate projects.

The TAP programme acts as an incubator that supports local and regional governments by catalyzing capital flows for low-to-no emission and climate-resilient development. Through the TAP, local and regional governments receive support to develop climate project concepts into low-risk, high-feasibility, high-impact sustainable infrastructure projects. The TAP is designed to connect local climate actors, technical experts and financial institutions.


Makindye Ssabagabo was elevated to a municipality in 2016, raising the community's expectation who anticipated immediate quality services. We identified the critical projects but were resource-constrained. Through TAP, we have fine-tuned key project concepts and interacted with potential funders. 

Kivumbi Alex, Head of Innovation, Makindye Ssabagabo, Uganda


Projects are mobilized through annual calls. This year, the TAP is open to all local and regional governments until 15 December 2023. Those that show high transformative potential get increased visibility to potential investors, and are connected to project preparation facilities and financial partners. 

Three steps for application


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