A New Knowledge Platform on Cities and Climate Change



K4C is an online knowledge platform on cities and climate change

[April 12 2012] -- Looking for information on cities and climate change but don’t know where to start? Check out K4C – short for The Knowledge Centre on Cities and Climate Change (K4C).


What is K4C?
It’s an online platform that helps people interested in cities keep track of what is happening in the field of cities and climate change by serving as a platform for sharing experiences and best practices. It also facilitates the exchange of innovative initiatives. K4C gives users access to hundreds of publications and reports. A world map provides an overview of cities, countries or regions where good practice examples and documents are available.  Through K4C, one can directly contact institutions and communities that are promoting city actions on climate change. 
Who are the users of K4C?
K4C aims to equip municipal staff and urban practitioners with information to better understand their local situations. They can draw on the experiences of other cities, as well as the results of research conducted on cities and climate change. This can help urban practitioners and municipal staff explore a range of options and identify potential solutions suitable to be replicated in their city. In addition, this web portal will also be of interest to researchers and staff of international organizations active in this area to present the outcomes of their work and learn about successful activities at the local level.
Who manages K4C?
K4C is the result of a joint initiative by UNEP, UN-Habitat and the World Bank, under the facilitating role of Cities Alliance. Acknowledging the importance of coordinating their actions on climate change, these multilateral organisations have joined forces for a more concerted effort to help cities deal with the impacts of climate change.
In 2009, a Joint Work Programme was started to support to cities in addressing climate change issues, especially in developing countries. As a response to the rapid development of knowledge, practice and city demand in this thematic area, the Joint Work Programme aims at promoting a more coordinated management of the knowledge on the topic of cities and climate change. The Knowledge Centre is one key result of this work.
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